The Growth of Drone Photography

Drones have been a novelty item for such a long time, but as the technology advances there have been many uses discovered for the drones. Drone sales in the U.S. are continually increasing, which is because they are highly versatile items. One of these biggest industries is drone photography. What makes drone photography so great is that it has numerous applications. You can use drones for real estate photography. You can even use drones just for your own photography portfolio. Here is a closer look at drone photography and its numerous applications.

Drone Photography and its Rise in Popularity

Since drones are now so easy for users to obtain, drone photography has surged. This means that anyone, whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, can take advantage of these incredible shots that only a drone is capable of taking. Because of this, there are businesses that actually specialize in drone photography as well as videography. When you think about it, taking pictures with a drone is something that offers a style of photos that you were only able to access through the use of helicopters or a private plane.

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As drone photography becomes more popular, various industries have found ways to utilize this technology. For instance, this can be a great tool to be used for wedding photography. Imagine getting an aerial shot of your wedding. You can get video from above of you walking down the outdoor aisle or get just another view of the stunning outdoor venue.

It is estimated that the future is very bright for drone photography. Thanks to the constant evolution of drones, the technology is getting increasingly better where we will definitely find many other ways to utilize drone photography. This is especially true as they figure out ways to continue making high quality drones more affordable for the masses to be able to use this technology. This growth is expected despite the fact that there are an abundance of drone regulations.


A recent look at the drone industry showed that drone technology could potentially create a nearly 13% boost to the aerial photography industry by 2022. This study did show that the government regulations are still slowing down the growth in this industry. Pilots of commercial drones must pass a test before they can legally fly a drone. The United States government and the energy industry are the two industries that are making the most use of these drones right now. The industries that are expected to make the most growth in using drone photography including real estate, geospatial mapping, and advertising. You an even expect a lot of new videos from the travel industry that include aerial photography.

Drone Photography and Real Estate

Real estate is currently a very hot industry for drone photography. In fact, you could argue that drone photography is truly revolutionizing the real estate industry. When you are working in real estate, you know just how important it is to get the perfect shots of the property you are trying to sell. This can be easier when it comes to smaller properties, but what about trying to get a great image of those more sprawling estates. Buyers spend a great deal of their time researching properties in hopes of finding their dream home.


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This is where drone photography comes in. Real estate agents that specialize in luxurious, sprawling properties have found that drone photography addresses the problem of trying to illustrate just how massive and gorgeous these types of properties are. Through aerial photography, real estate agents are able to adequately capture stunning shots of the landscape, including showing off just how incredibly large the yard is on this property. Drones offer HD images, which can really impress potential buyers. In previous years, these luxury real estate agents would have to spend a lot of money investing in helicopters to come out and take aerial images of the property. Now, as long as they meet the requirements to fly a drone themselves or hire a company to take these images for them, it can be a more affordable option that allows the real estate agent to pocket more of their earnings.

Not only can drone photography capture amazing images of larger estates, it can also be a great tool to show off the neighborhood. In real estate, the neighborhoods are often just as important as the homes itself. Drone photography and videography can capture incredible images of the neighborhood. You can see where the local parks and schools are as well as get a good idea of how the neighborhood looks in general. This can be an especially useful way to utilize drone photography for those buyers who may not live in the area to be able to just drive through these areas.


Thanks to drone photography, marketing properties has become a lot easier. This is a cost-efficient and highly effective tool for marketing, giving you a great return on your investment. Both commercial and residential real estate agents are using this highly effective tool and finding that it can offer a great deal of benefits to both them and their buyers. While this may not be the best tool in every situation, there are a lot of areas when selling properties that drone photography can really shine. That is why more real estate agents are learning how to handle aerial photography on their own or making partnerships with those companies who excel in this field.


Aerial photography was once a very expensive way to get images of locations as people would often have to use things like helicopters or private planes. However thanks to the improving technology of drone photography, there are a lot of industries that have found effective uses for this technology. They are no longer afraid of aerial photography because it is now much more affordable. It is going to be very interesting to see how much this is going to change other industries as it has the real estate industry.